Smallsteps Daycare School

Infant Program - Tender, loving care for this precious age through reading, picture books, singing, music, tummy time, age appropriate toys, and many other things that babies enjoy. This room cares for each child within their individualized schedules. Tuition includes diapers, wipes and more.

Young Toddler Program – This program is designed to ease a transition from the infant room to the older toddler program. They work on self-help skills such as hand washing, use of spoon, and putting away their toys. They have stories, music and age appropriate toys for playful learning. Tuition includes diapers, wipes and more.

Toddler Program – The following four areas will be emphasized: social and emotional growth, physical development and motor skills, hygiene self-reliance and language development. This is accomplished through playful activities.

Three year old program – The children begin to learn more independent behavior in this group. The activities are designed to nurture self-esteem and self-control in the children. They are offered a variety of activities including art, songs, music, reading, computer, outdoor play, and dramatic play.

Four year old program – Language development, computer skills, pre-reading skills and number concepts will be introduced. The children learn throughout the year to prepare them for Kindergarten.

Kindergarten – Our kindergarten is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a Private Academic School. Our program is fully accredited and coordinated with local education programs. Our Kindergarten teacher is state certified and holds a degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education.

Latch-key program – We transport to East York Elem. (3rd-5th), Locust Grove Elem. and Larry J. Macaluso Elem.(1st-5th), Stony Brook Elem. (Kind-3rd) Bus transportation to North Hills Elem.(4th-5th) and Yorkshire Elem. (Kind-2nd). Our facility also operates a latch-key program (Kindergarten-6th) in house at Ore Valley Elem. We provide before and/or after school care. We offer homework time, games and outdoor activities.

Summer Program Kindergarten - 5th grade-Special program expanded to accommodate elementary age children. Activities include splash/swimming, field trips, arts and crafts, cooking projects and clubs.